I proudly focus a majority of my practice on issues and cases impacting families and individuals in Massachusetts.  From divorce and child custody to disputes you have with your employer, to injuries you receive - if it impacts you or your family, I can help you.

Sometimes you may just want to know what your rights are or "do I have a case?"  Call and find out, it is always a pleasure to talk to you.


  • Massachusetts Courts
  • United States District Court, District of Massachusetts
  • United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Massachusetts

Law Office of Neil J. DePaul  


Preparation is the key to achieving your goals - whether your case requires a full trial or can be settled without trial.  My preparation begins long before your call by

  • Keeping up with new case law
  • Keeping up with rule changes
  • Reading over new guidelines and mandates
  • Attending regular seminars and training sessions.

It is true that the majority of cases resolve before a trial.  However, each and every case my office handles is prepared as if trial is inevitable.  This foundation results in better negotiations, better discussions with the opposition and ensures that the best possible outcome is achieved for your case.

Call today for an appointment and discuss the merits of your case.

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An attorney who is going to personally handle your case from start to finish


By handling every single case personally, my goal is to make sure your situation, the background and its development are completely understood.  The development of a situation is just as important as where things stand now.  You deserve a lawyer who cares enough about your case to ask about the how and about the why.

From the initial complaint or answer, through discovery, into negotiations and eventually while standing before the Court, your attorney needs to be familiar with your case as if it were their own.

This philosophy translates into better preparation, better organization, and better presentation.  Most importantly this philosophy assures that your goals and objectives are addressed and that the best possible resolution is being sought.